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My Very First Page


My n personal page, I have opened a few blogs in the past and I have my Medium profile where I have written a few articles, mostly of these are tech-related but there is something missing.

A few hours ago, my personal domain otfusion.org pointed only to my Twitter profile, but I was looking at different sites in the morning that I decided that I should have my own.

at first I was thinking on:

Enter Jekyll

Since I dont want to start a site from scratch for a simple blog or a simple crud (I could tho, but I think that’s not the point of this site), I decided to use:

Jekyll and use GitHub pages as host.

I will just point the index of otfusion.org to this site and my side projects (I should have some after this very point of time) will be on subdomains.

So that’s it, be happy :-)

an image of vault boy

– Also, look at this awesome template for Jekyll that I found out: windows95

I’ll use it!