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October, best month and some goals


A lot of stuff has changed since my last update, this one is good, I promise.

I’ve been learning some interesting stuff since last update, I also got a new remote job working with a company within a product from US as a Ruby Fullstack Engineer!, one of my goals accomplished again!

how ‘bout that? - I dont know Ruby btw.

so… one of the most important topics that I am learning of right now, is the mindfulness, also music, I dont know why I stopped playing instruments.

I think we can break up the post in 2 parts:


I’ve been trying to be focused on the present, on the actual day, not thinking that much of myself in the future or focusing on a single goal, also I’ve been trying to just remember the past as a good part of my story, it has been.

I’ve been talking with my psychologist and to myself about these situations on my life and how I’ve been trying to changer my self to be a better person.

One of the things that I am working on is to move on (something that I dont want to do, but she already blocked me from every social media, calls and everything, still dont know why tho) from a past relationship that I am still not sure why did it end and being on the present day, helps me to get my shit together. If you read this, thank you for everything, really, I hope you accomplish all your dreams :)

Other thing that I am working on is to be a better person, I’ve been reading about stoicism and about buddhism in order to achieve this, I’ve been reading a book named “The Daily Stoic” each day, I will keep it reading all days, everyday.

That’s one of my actual mantras: “All days, everyday” I get some excersice, some guitar training, some piano and that’s how I train myself to be better on my hobbies and life.

So yeah, let’s keep it going, life is good, sure I miss her… but in a good way.


Wow… this is beautiful, I used to play guitar on middle school, now I bought a new guitar (Epiphone Les Paul Special II) and asked my mom to send me my old guitar from back in the days (Squier Stratocaster)

I used to play violin in college, why I quit that?

I started learning piano because that’s one of these instruments that I have said in the past that I would never be able to learn and yesterday I actually played (reading the music sheet) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! (that’s something!).

I’ve been recording myself playing the guitar different tunes that I like, trying some covers of different songs and riffs but what I would like to achieve is to compose my own song, that’s one of my goals.

Another goal that I have on the music part is to play Spring Violin/Piano Concert from Beethoven… I mean, that would be the most awesome tune that I could play in piano (for myself).

my self-studio in house