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November 2018 - Part 1

Hey, hola!

I will write about what happened on November, my second favorite month, this is gonna be…
humm extense so I am gonna break up in 2 different posts.

One for tomorrow, and one for friday.

First of all: why it is my second favorite month?

The answer is very basic, it is because I was born on this month, my birthday.
You could say that it should be my favorite month but… it is not, as simple as that.

Thank you for reading me.


My new and own pet!

I got a new doggy dog, a very good girl, her name is Picnic.

Why did I choose that name? I dont like to have common names like “Firulais”, “Pit”, “Green” or “Spike”,
neither I like to name my pets with names from cartoons or actual names.

So this time I choosed Picnic because that’s something that
I would like to have in the future, a picnic, a meal outside as part of an excursion,
so, why not name my dog picnic.

She is playful, she loves to run, she likes to eat, pee and poo.


If you want more pictures of this lovely girl, just remember
to follow her over: @buendepicnic

I am gonna build something on: https://picnic.otfusion.org I dont know
what but I want to build something, maybe a feed of her instagram?,
just that maybe?