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November 2018 - Part 2

Hey, hola!

This took me more than expected to post.


Because I did write it on my laptop and I wiped the SSD and welp, it is gone.

TL;dr: a trip, a trip to the north-west of the US and Canada (Vancouver).

Everything started with an invitation from a friend, Antonio, who told me to get into Portland, OR to visit a mutual friend, of course I accepted since I wanted to visit them since some years ago but I was never available or I was “busy”

This time I was not busy, I was free and I had money so, why not.

This was a good trip from 2018, I went there, with no itinerary, no expectations and it was nice.

On Portland, one of the best things that we did, it was walk and also getting an helicopter trip, it was a trip around all Portland, it was awesome!


In Canada, we went to one of the best places that my friend Arturo likes, Guilt and Co

The have a very cool website!: http://www.guiltandcompany.com/ canada1

It was so fun that we even created a cover of Radiohead - Creep in spanish!

Also I started to play the ukulele and the bongos and the kazoo here! canada2

A link to a cover in Soundcloud (not the one with all the band Lavanda):