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Global Game Jam

Hey, hola!

I’ve been following the Global Game Jams for a while, I think since 2012 but the thing is that I never participated on anything.

You know, it is very normal that people from the tech industry at first they wanted to create video games because some games let you modify it’s internals and then you learn to program - example OTFusion: we were an bulletin board for the spanish comunity of an open source project for private servers of a mmorpg game.

But that’s not the point of this entry.

The point is that I decided to participate finally, after 7 years.

But my idea of this time was not to participate as a programmer or a software engineer, of course I would help anyone who had issues or questions about software engineering/design and language, but not as my main participation.

I decided to participate as a musician.


Yep, this time I tried my best as a musician instead of being another programmer.

It started on January 25 at 6:00pm, the topic of this year was:


And I had an idea! (2 actually). Yeah, I am the Idea guy too

Oh welp, we had a blast of 2 days, I was creating and helping other teams too.

I composed 3 songs - wow, that sounds pretencious AF and it was fun!

But welp, here you go a link to the game that Gato Mocho created:


Also the music in SoundCloud - I mean, its for basic games, come on

Grilling Simulator music

A game about pillow fighting: