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Who am I?

Hey, hola!

In the past year I have asked myself this question a lot.

It is one question that I did not asked myself that regularly because
I used to think that I knew the answer.

In my present day (today) I still don’t know but I am more close to the


My ego was in control in the past, my ego, who I will call Mr B, used
to think that he was in control of his career, of his close friends, of his family
and also of other things.

Mr B. was a very bad human being, he did not talk to people, he was angry,
he was tired and he was nervous and stressed - a lot of stress.

Poor Mr B. I don’t want you to control my life again.


Well, it is quite easy to answer it now, thanks to a friend I learned
about a certain philosophy and I started to read about different
schools of thoughts.

I am currently a stoic man, I can claim that because I desire to do it.

I think the stoicism helps me as I am a very neutral person, I am not moved by
desires, I am moved by the reason and for me that’s the most natural thing of a man.

It does not mean that I will follow blindy the stoicism school but I really
like the meditations from different figures.

I currently read a meditation in the morning and try to be a better person every day.


Well, that’s a very good question, I am not 100% sure, but at least I am now
observing Mr B. instead of just following him, it is impressive the power
that I have over Mr B. now that I observe him, now I can tell when I am angry,
when I am nervous, when I am doing something that I think is good or bad.

I can talk better with people now, I can make better relationships and I understand
my family and friends better, I can feel empathic with them.

And for you, that I hope that you are still reading me somehow as I do: