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It's gonna be May end.



I will start with the travel of this month, I went to Guadalajara to a music festival named Corona Capital.

Guadalajara is nice, it’s a good place where I could live, I liked the trees and the streets, the food and a lot of beautiful people in there.

But I am not moving soon, as far as I know… 🤗

The important part other than the festival itself is that I saw some good old friends, Marco, Alexander and of course, met some good people there.


Ah!, I started baking bread and cheesecakes, I hope that I will get better on those 2, cheesecake is one of my favorite cakes so it is good to be
able to prepare it by myself.

Also bread, bread is one of our basic foods so I had to learn how to prepare it by myself, from scratch, I will be baking more types on the next months.


I started a podcast about video games news and personal rants with my friend Antonio!

We are on anchor.fm if you want to have a look!

We will be posting it on fridays, it is named: El Hongo Verde, the Green Mushroom, named like that because of Mario of course, and the “slogan” is
“La princesa no esta aquí”, or “The princess is not here” based on the dialog: “the princess is in another castle” from Toad.

Please enjoy!


I finally put the Let’s Encrypt certificate on my personal site and it is linked to here, I will be updating the site on the next weeks,

Kebab Oso

I am working on a mediterranean food street-car with some friends, we have the name, the price, the place is being searched and we are going to start soon on these.

I’ve been working on the recipes, writing them in my notebook and in my personal Drive.

Finishing notes

Enjoy the little things, May is the mental health awareness month, thank you for the reminder, disconnect from social media an entire week, go and connect with your nature (reason)
and stop listening to the news, be with your friends if that’s what you want, listen to your mind and meditate.